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Isles of Andelore

The Isles of Andelore are two islands about six hundred miles Northeast of Eastern Savuria. The Islands are relatively large for being so far from a main continent. The smallest and north-most island known as Pera, is home to the Heronian countries of Kaldr Reach and Kaldr Toft. Each used to be ruled under the High King until 210 AE when the legitimacy of the King’s only son fell into question, leading to a string of bloody wars. A peace was reached and the seat of the High King was abolished, leaving the Jarls to rule their countries independently. Most of Pera, however, consists of the unforgiving arctic Tundra which Heronians refer to as the Thoros lands.

The much more climatically amicable southern Island called Sutra, boasts six different countries and a wealth of culture. The Great Andelorian river cuts straight through the continent, starting at the neck and ending far south near the free city states of Tyroshi, Acenodoa, and Palekosia. The River also acts a political border between Andelore and Southland. The Jeramikan crown rules over Southland and lays claim to all land south of the Andelorian River, East of the Spine, and up to the border of Heroshetoai. Andelore’s claim starts from north of the Spine and Andelorian River, and encompasses all the northern portions of Sutra. All lands from the Spine and onward lay unclaimed save for the far south city states of Tyroshi, Acenodoa, and Palekosia. The rest of Sutra falls under the authority of Heroshetoai’s Tree Throne. Home to many insular bodies of water, Heroshetoai is also known as the Land of Many Lakes.

Because of decades of Imperial rule, most countries’ people speak Agoran (also known as the common tongue) sufficiently.

The Setting: ((yet to come))

Automatic Bonuses: There are automatic bonuses associated with each country (meaning you get them with no extra cost of CPs). However, these bonuses come in BEFORE you assign your stats. So, say you want a strength of 7 and your automatic bonuses grants you +1 ST, you still have to pay the additional three CPs to get your strength to 7. However, if you just wanted 6 ST you need only invest five more points to raise it from one to 6. However, I urge to pick the country that best suits the CHARACTER you want to create. In the long run these bonuses are quite small.


What Southlanders look like physically


Approximate Population: 2,000,000

Accents: Think Russian/German or anything else generically European.

Physicality: Over a hundred years ago, Jeramikans began pouring into southern Sutra to escape the their war and plague ridden homeland, Jeramikar. As a result, many southlanders now possess primarily Jeramikan features: typically light brown or blond hair, blue or brown eyes. While reasonably tall (men: 5’8’’ to 6’, women 5’5’’ to 5’9’’) they are usually quite wire and have relatively narrow shoulders. It’s also typical for men to have very well defined jaw bones. Fair of skin.

Culture: Like many Savurian cultures, Southlanders hold power and honor in high regard. However, they tend to have a stronger sense of mercy than their Andelorian counterparts. Great acts of compassion are also well received. Chivalry is also held in high regard, though, this is typically only applies to treating women of high birth with respect.

Automatic Bonus: +1 AG or +1 EN or +1 WP, +1 Longsword/Greatsword or +1 Mass Weapon (two handed).

Provinces: The South, the North, the East, the West, The Sealands.


What Andelorians look like physically


Approximate Population: 3,500,000

Accents: Think Irish/Scottish.

Physicality: Descendants of Old Savuria and the Agora Foothills, Andelorians typically take on their ancient ancestor’s characteristics: brown, black, or red hair. Brown or green eyes. Relatively stalky and short (men 5’6’’ to 5’10’’, women 5’3’’ to 5’7’’), they are often the butt of Heroan short jokes. Fair of skin.

Culture: Andelorians hold honor and power above all else. This cultural praise has driven them into many conflicts in the name of proving their worth, most of which were civil wars. The weak are typically viewed as needing to be ruled or else they could not fend for themselves. Chivalry is also held in high regard, though, this is typically only applies to treating women of high birth with respect.

Automatic Bonus: +1 AG or +1 WT or +1 HT, +1 Longsword/Greatsword or +1 Cut & Thrust

Provinces: Westwind, Wealdlands, the Highlands, the Neck, the Irelands, the Alpine Forest.


What Heroans looks like


Approximate Population: 2,000,000

Natives of the Isles, the Heroans can probably trace their ancestry back thousands of years. However, their culture’s war-faring mentality has left them little in the way of history. Due to decades of Andelorian rule, their political system has evolved into something much more similar to the typical feudalism of Southland and Andelore.

Culture: More than anything else, the Heroans revere power and bravery. Man or woman, if one can dominate or control another they have authority over them. For an example, some wealthy women may take multiple husbands and powerful men may take multiple wives. Physical prowess is held in as high regard as cunning. Unfortunately, this desire for power has driven the Heroans into civil war countless times.

Accent: Think of any generically African accent.

Physicality: Generally tall, muscular, and broad shouldered. Black skin, brown eyes, dark brown hair. Really tall (men 5’11’’ to 6’3’’, women 5’8’’ to 6’’).

Automatic Bonus: +1 AG or +1 ST or +1 TO, +1 Cut and Thrust or +1 Mass Weapon and Shield. You speak Heroan in addition to common (both at TN 6). If you have a read and write skill you must specify which language you can write and read.

The Southern City States

What Mykesians and their architecture looks like

800 mykesian architecture

Home to some of the Isles’, and arguably the world’s, most artful and complex architecture and advanced Universities (which are a sign of cultural sophistication on their own), the southern city states possess a wealth of culture and history that, according to their historical records, spans over two thousand years. Originally, there were nine city states but about eight hundred years ago, a great earthquake, known throughout the city states as the Great Falling, decimated their civilizations. According to lore and historical records, the Great Falling poisoned the ground waters with a plague that turned its victims into “blood thirsty, pale, and savage barbarians that sought only to kill and eat living beings and propagate their curse.” Though they are known by many names, they are typically referred to as the Gray Wanderers of Cleos (their equivalent to Satan) or just simply Wanderers. This catastrophe sent their civilization into a dark age that only subsided when an army of mysterious foreign soldiers razed and wiped out the population of Wanderers. While they have recovered and thrived since then, most of their civilization remains in ruins. Rumors have it that some Wanderers still skulk about the ruins awaiting unsuspecting victims.

While in truth they are quite similar in culture, the southern city states are fiercely independent. They are so prejudiced in fact, that they regularly wage small-scale wars just to prove their countries’ superiority. Despite their hostile inclinations, they regularly trade with each other. Tyroshi and Acenodoa consider themselves the only “true” city states since they are actually two of the original nine. Palekosia only recently gained its independence from Tyroshi (about 200 years ago or 150 AE).

The city states rule themselves through a crude form of senatorial democracy. Each state is ruled by eighty senators chosen by eligible citizens (typically males who own property and are of sixteen or more years. Though, some women may be allowed to vote). The senators serve for two years. Senators vote among themselves for a High Senator who serves for six years. The High senator only votes in tie-breakers but also manages the floor and decides when one is allowed to speak. Though typically a senator himself, there is no technical requirement that the High Senator hold office before his election. Some wealthy merchants have become High Senators before.

Culture: While just as prone to warfare as their neighbors, Mykesians consider themselves far superior to the other civilizations in the Isles. More than anything else, they praise cunning, mental prowess, and education. Wealthy males are all educated at their universities.

Accent: Think of your typical English accent

Automatic Bonus: You speak Mykesian in addition to common (both at TN 6). You can read and write in both languages with a TN of 6. +1 WT or +1 MA and +1 SO or +1 WP.

Physicality: Reasonably tall (men: 5’8’’ to 6’, women 5’5’’ to 5’9’’), almost always blond of hair and blue eyed. Wiry swimmers’ builds. Fair of skin.


Approximate Population: 200,000


Approximate Population: 250,000


Approximate Population: 180,000

Kaldr Reach/Kaldr Toft

Approximate Population: 800,000

Accent: Think Norwegian.

What Heronians look like


Physicality: Fair of skin. On average, only slight shorter the Heroans (men 5’10’’ to 6’2’’, women 5’7’’ to 5’11’’). Also, they tend to be broad shouldered. Red, black, or blond hair. Blue or green eyes.

Culture: An ancient warrior culture that holds duty and honor in high regard. While famed for their soldiers and military power, they hold compassion in high regard. Showing compassion to your enemy reveals that you find them so powerless that you are willing let your guard down around them. Betraying someone who has shown you mercy, however, is viewed as one of the most vile acts in Heronian culture.

Automatic Bonus: +1 ST or +1 HT or +1 TO, +1 Longsword/Greatsword or +1 sword and shield. You speak Heronian in addition to common (both at TN 6). If you have a read and write skill you must specify which language you can write and read.

General Information

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