A Glossary of Terms

A Glossary of Terms

Menotark (meh-noh-tark) – Heroan equivalent of a knight. The similarity of the names of Menotarks and Kenotarks is believed to have stemmed from a crossing of cultures that occurred thousands of years ago. Exactly who gave which culture the concept of a menotark/kenotark is unknown.

Kenotarch (kee-noh-tark) – Mykesian equivalent of a knight.

A Blessed One – someone who can live for hundreds of years. One of the most famous Blessed Ones was Elsa, one of the original prophets of God. Her birth marked the turning of an age as did her death.

Ork – a general and derogatory term to refer to a wide manner of foul and barbaric beasts. Even primitive tribes of people.

Andelorian – someone who is born in Andelore.

Man/Woman of the Isles – someone who is from the Isles of Andelore.

Swordsman – a broad term used to define anyone and everyone who fights professionally. They don’t even have to use a sword.

Knight – an honorific term granted to a swordsman in Andelore and Southland by a King, Lord, Warden, or Duke. They receive a knighthood usually from performing (a) good service(s) to the one who knighted them. Are given the title Sir (if male) or Ser (if female) to precede their name (i.e. Ser Dian Cottonwood or Sir Rupert Grant)

Heroan – a person from Heroshetoai.

Red Cloak – a commonly used term to refer to a Red Crusader.

Sword of the Father – a commonly used term to refer to a Sworn Sword of the Father.

Southlander – a person from Southland.

Mykesian – a broad term used to refer to someone from the southern city states. Also, the language they speak.

Heronian – someone from either Kaldr Reach or Kaldr Toft.

Tyroshian – someone from Tyroshi.

Acenodoan – someone from Acenodoa.

Palekosian – someone from Palekosia.

Thegn – see knight. Analogous to knight but For Heronians. Except, instead of sir/ser before his/her name, one’s name is simply preceded by Thegn (i.e. Thegn Borghild Mikillaxe)

Mage/magi/magician/wizard/Gifted/witch/warlock ect. – A person capable of magic. About one in every twenty thousand born has the Gift. However, unless properly trained, they will never learn how to harness it.

Sorcerer – a person born with the innate ability to manipulate magic without proper training. Can also access the otherwise un-manipulate-able time energy.

Sells-word/mercenary – a term used to refer to someone, typically with fickle loyalty, who fights professionally but has no or few true loyalties. They sell to the highest bidder.

A Glossary of Terms

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